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Mottos > USA > WW2

US Army Mottos
World War 2 (WW2) units

"Eager For Duty"
157th Field Artillery Regiment

"Toujours En Avant"
(Always Forward)
160th Field Artillery Battalion

"Forward Always"
171st Field Artillery Battalion

"Honoris Custos"
(The Guardian of Honor)
189th Field Artillery Battalion

"A Outrance"
695th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

"Our Utmost Forever"
696th Armored Field Artillery Battalion


774th.Tank Destroyer Battalion

"Eager For Duty"
157th Infantry Regiment

"In Omnia Paratus"
(In All Things Prepared)
179th Infantry Regiment

"Tanap Nanaiyakia Altaiyaha"
(Ready in Peace or War)
180th Infantry Regiment

"Remember The Alamo"
the 36th infantry division's Motto


"Brave in Difficulties"
33rd Signal Construction Battalion

"Get the Damn Job Done"
830th Aviation Engineer Battalion
The unit
built battlefield airstrips in Europe during WW II

"We Do"
120th Medical Battalion

"Peace and Progress"
120th Quartermaster Battalion


"Justi Terram Incolant"
(The Just Shall Inherit the Earth)
796th MP BN


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