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Mottos > US Armed Forces mottos

United States Armed Forces Mottos
Mottos from all US Armed Forces Branches

US Armed Forces Mottos:

US Air Force Mottos

US Coast Guard Mottos

Integrity First
Service Before Self
Excellence in All We Do
US Air Force Core Values
(No official motto)

Click for US Air Force Mottos (35)

"Semper Paratus"
(Always Ready)"
US Coast Guard

Click for US Coast Guard Mottos (1)

US Marine Corps Mottos

US Navy Mottos

"Semper Fidelis"
(Always Faithful)"
US Marines

Click for US Marines Mottos (57)

"Honor, Courage, Commitment"

US Navy Core Values (No official motto)

Click for US Navy Mottos (26)

US Army Mottos

"This We'll Defend"

US Army

Click for US Army Mottos (473)

Miscellaneous Units (9)

"Maintaining Freedom"
1-137th ASLTHB (Assault Helicopter Battalion)

"Spearhead of Logistics"
 US Army Transportation Centre

"Know the Earth, Show the Way"
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA)

Former: National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA)

JFK Center for Special Warfare, Sniper School, Ca 1976

"Pret toujours pret"
(Ready, Always Ready)
304TH Signal Battalion

1st Combat Communtication Squadron
Ramstein AFB, Germany

801st Maintenance Battalion 101st Abn Div Air Assault


"We Are Here For You"
293d Base Support Battalion

"The Northern Most"
415th base Support Battalion


"Honor Bound to Defend Freedom"
Joint Task Force Guantanamo (Detainee Operations)



I have verified most of them, but please mail me if you find any errors,
or if you have any additional information.
Looking for US Navy and Coast Guard mottos.
Please mail me if you know any, or know where I could find some.


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