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Mottos > Norway

Military Mottos from Norway
Norwegian military mottos

Click here to find Norwegian Air Force Mottos

"Gjør Ræt, Frykt Ingen"
("Do right, Fear No one")
Norwegian Artillery

"Si vis pacem, para bellum"
("Let him who desires peace prepare for war.")
The Norwegian Military Academy (Krigsskolen)


"Tren for det verste - bli de beste"
("Train for the worst, become the best")

Hærens Taktiske Treningssenter
Norwegian Army's Tactical Training Centre

"Verner - Vokter - Virker"
("Protects - Guards - Acts")

Norwegian Home/National Guard

"Lead, don't follow"
Former A-Coy in Kosovo/Norwegian Army

"Evne - Vilje"
(Capacity - Capability")
6. Divisjon
(Norwegian 6th Division)

"Communiter Victor"
(Together we shall be victorious)
Samvirke batteriet/Artilleri Bataljonen

"Robur et fidelis"
(Strenght through Loyalty)
Forsyningsbatteriet/Artilleri Bataljonen
Combat Service and Support Battery

"Gjør rett, frykt intet"
(Do right, fear nothing)

- A-coy, 2. batt, 6. division, NORWEGIAN ARMY

(Always Forward)

- 2nd MECH INF COY, Norwegian Battalion, Kosovo

"Agmine Consectamur"
("We hunt in pack")
"Agmine Consectamur Rebus In Arctois"
"(We hunt in pack and accomplishes our missions in the arctic)
Porsanger Jegerbataljon (Border Ranger Battalion)

"In Hoc Signo Vinces"
(By this sign thou shall conquer/win)
Norwegian Task Force in Kosovo, NorTF (KFOR VIII & IX)



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